General FAQs

Being a Task4Less Service Provider (Tasker)

All taskers using Task4Less platforms are independent contractors, not employees. Please refer to the Independent Contractors Agreement for details.

Task4Less acts as a platform to connect people who need tasks completed with those who can complete them (professional cleaners, handymen, photographer, lawn mower and beautician etc.). We strive to provide as much opportunity as possible to enable our Contractors (Taskers) to make money on a flexible schedule.

How does Task4Less help provide a safe working environment?

Safety is extremely important to us at Task4Less. As per our policy, it will be mandatory to all taskers to have all safety equipment fully complained as per the task requirements mention in the policy as per the labour law. If you ever feel unsafe while performing a task, you should stop, leave the premise, and submit a request immediately.

What is the tasker’s data privacy policy?

Task4Less protects your privacy by never sharing your personal details with Posters. The only things we share is your profile photo, your first name, and the first initial of your last name. Any phone calls or text messages through the Tasker app are monitored and sent with a masked number. We only allow Posters to communicate with you when while you are assigned to a task reducing any chance of solicitation or harassment after a task has been completed.

Why I am unable see any available tasks?

Available tasks can vary depending on your area, day of the week, time, your rating and skill group.

We find that Taskers are extremely active on the platform and accept tasks right when they go live. We suggest that as soon as you get a notification for an available task, you should accept it right away or you might miss out on a great opportunity.

How does Task4Less handle disputes?

Our Taskers should aim for a 5-Star rating on every task. In the rare occasion, if the Poster is not satisfied with the quality of service provided by the Tasker, then we will do our best to come up with a fair solution as per our policy.

If a Poster submits a dispute on a task, the Tasker will be presented with the following options:

Option 1
Go back to make it right

Option 2
Offer a partial or full refund

Option 3
Let Task4Less mediate the dispute

If the Tasker request that Task4Less mediates the dispute. Task4Less’s team will investigate the case thoroughly using their tools, communication records, and photo evidence submitted by the poster.

Task4Less will notify both the poster and Tasker of the decision within 3-5 business days. All decisions are final and without prejudice


All cleaners are expected to complete the following: 


Showers / bathtubs rinsed and wiped


Sinks and fixtures cleaned

Mirrors cleaned

Floors vacuumed and mopped

Cabinets exteriors cleaned

Towels hung and folded

Trash emptied

Toiletries neatly arranged

Toilet paper replaced (if necessary)


Beds neatly made

Clothes neatly folded

Furniture dusted

Tabletops wiped

Floors vacuumed and mopped

Trash emptied

Gadgets arranged (Books, magazines, etc)

Baseboards cleaned


Sinks, faucets, and fixtures wiped

Dishes loaded into dishwasher and cleaned

Microwave exterior and interior cleaned

Cabinet exteriors wiped

Counter tops wiped

Stove tops wiped

Floors vacuumed and mopped

Trash emptied

Kitchen items neatly arranged

Living Area

Sofa / lounge chairs neatly arranged and dusted

Floors vacuumed and mopped

Books, video games, magazines neatly arranged

Shelves dusted and wiped

Accent tables wiped

Media units wiped

Trash emptied

Plants watered (if needed!)

Baseboards cleaned

Toilet paper replaced (if necessary)

All areas

General dusting, open areas and floor cleaning.

Making the bed, linen change if provided.

Counter-tops, cupboards (outside), empty/load dishwasher OR clean dishes.

Cleaning tub, shower, sink and toilet.

A cleaner should be equipped with the following supplies for each Task:

All-purpose liquid
Bathroom solutions
Floor cleaners
Glass cleaner
Microfiber cloth/paper towels

Note: Vacuum & mop is not included in cleaning supplies

How Task4less works?

Task4Less is the leading online marketplace for services in Canada. Poster are matched with cleaners, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, general handymen, beautician, lawn mower, Photographer and other “Taskers” in the area to complete jobs. Task4Less enables workers to pick up jobs that fit with their schedule, and it provides people with fast and reliable services. 

Through the Poster’s app, people can request services. Through the Tasker’s app, workers can view the jobs available in their area and select the ones that they are qualified for.

How to contact Task4Less?

If you have a question, please check out the articles in our Help section. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please click the "Tasker Support" button below. One of our Poster service representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

My Account

How do I delete my account?

If you would like to delete your Tasker account, submit your request with the e-mail address that your account is associated with. If you later change your mind, you will need to sign up for a new account and complete the registration process again.

How do I update my address?

Go to Settings in the Tasker app and select Update home address to change your address. The new address will be updated immediately and your "Available Tasks" tab accordingly.

How do ratings work?

After the task has been completed, you will be asked to “rate” from Poster from 1 to 5 stars. A 1 star rating represents “very poor” and 5 stars is classified as “excellent”. The Poster will also rate you on the same scale. Your average rating should be around 4.5 stars. If your rating falls below 4 and is between 4 to 3.5 stars, you will receive a warning message that you should try to increase your rating as you are on the border of being suspended. If your rating falls further below 3.5 you are automatically suspended from the platform and will not be able to pick up any new tasks.

Signing Up as a Tasker

Can Tasker work in more than one Category?

Yes, provided that you meet the requirements for the skill that you would like to add. If you wish to add, or remove, a skill, please submit a request.

What are the requirements to become a Tasker?

All eligible Taskers must meet the following:

Must be 18+

Poster Service oriented

At least 1 year of experience in your selected skill

Own an Android or iOS smartphone

Clean criminal record

Permanent Residence or Citizenship card

Please note: Meeting these requirements does not guarantee you are automatically accepted to become a Tasker.

How does the background check work?

Task4Less does a complete background check for every Tasker candidate prior to getting full access to ensure community safety. A representative will contact you if there are any questions on the results.

How do I become a Tasker?

We are very excited for you to become part of our Tasker community! To sign up, please go to our and fill out the application to find out if you qualify.

How long does it take to become a Tasker?

After submitting your application, you have to complete training and once your back-ground check is done, we will activate the Tasker app for you right away so that you can start picking up tasks immediately.

What information are required for sign up?

For sign up, you will be asked to provide your basic details (name, email, and phone number), no. of year of relevant experience that you have in the category you are applying. Once you have been granted access to the app, you will need to provide a photo of a piece of government issued ID, and your banking details so that you can get paid!

We also conduct a background check which you will be required to complete.

Payment and Fee

My bank account details are wrong

Go to Settings: Update bank account to change your bank account details. You will be asked to enter your new account number, transit, and institution. Your details will be updated immediately and any future payments will be deposited into the new account.

If your payment does not go through, Task4Less will reach out to verify your bank account details. Please follow the steps above before you respond back to the communication. A new attempt will be made to transfer your payment.

How do I get payment?

We have a completely cash-free payment system. Payments are made by direct deposit on weekly basis. Tasks that are completed between Monday to Sunday pay out on the following Thursdays. You can monitor your upcoming deposits on the Payments page in the Taskers App.

How much will I get paid?

It is depending on which category you signed up for, every category has different wage. Wages will be notified at the time of agreement.

I have a missing payment

If you’re missing a payment for a completed job, it’s possible that it won’t be released until the next payment is issued. Did you remember to check out of your task?

If at that point your payment is still missing, please contact our team through “Hot line number” or email.

How can I find available tasks?

Always be sure to check your app for available tasks. Make sure your app notifications are turned on. We send out daily emails and notifications when there are available tasks within a 30 km radius of your home location which you can move around by tapping the map on your Tasker app.

The Available Tasks section in your app displays tasks that are within 30 km from your home location and also based on the due date of the task. You can scroll through and tap each available task to get more details so you can assess the scope of work involved.

Can I complete Tasks in other cities?

Yes, you are able to pick up tasks in any location that Task4Less is available. Select Search Location in the Tasker app to explore different locations for tasks. Make sure that you can travel to the area before accepting the task.

How can I mark a Task as complete?

Taskers must mark each assigned task as complete on the same day of the task due date or you will receive an error message. It's important to mark your task as complete immediately after you completed a task or else you will not get paid for the task.

If you are still unable to mark your task as complete, please submit a request with the task reference. If a Task is not marked as complete in the Tasker app you will not get paid for the Task, even if you were there and completed the job accordingly.

How can I download the app?

If you have an iPhone, you can download the Tasker’s app from the .

If you have an Android phone, you can download the Tasker’s app from the

You will also be sent a download link after you have completed your Tasker application on our .

How can Taskers view the available task?

After logging in to the app, you will be able to view the available tasks from “Request”. This can also be accessed from the menu on the left hand side of the app. The "Request" page allows you to either view tasks near your home location, or tasks in a selected location. You can choose which option you would prefer by tapping the buttons at the top of the screen. Please note that only the dates where tasks are available will show on the screen.

How do I view the task details?

I have not yet picked up the task

From the "Request" section in the menu, you can view all of the tasks that are unassigned. To select a task, simply tap it to bring you to the task details page. Here you can view the general location of the task, the date, time slot, and the pay that you will receive.

How do I view the tasks that I have picked up?

To view the tasks that you have picked up, go to “Calendar” in the menu. Here you can see the tasks that are coming up.

How do I contact the Poster?

You can contact the Poster once you have been assigned to a task either through text or phone call. You can find this option by selecting the relevant task from “Home”, and select task from “Upcoming” and you will view the task and see the “Call” and “Text” buttons. Please note that both your number and the Poster’s number will be masked for the safety of both parties. You should contact the Poster as soon as you have picked up the Task to discuss the scope and the specific time that they would like you to arrive.

I am unable to contact Poster

If the Poster does not answer when you call, leave them a voicemail. You should also send them a text asking them to call you back when they are free. If they do not reply within an hour, try calling a second time. If you still have not heard back from the Poster up until 24 hours before the task start time, please get in touch with us by clicking the "tasker support" button in “Setting”.

How do I view my personal menu? 

From the menu on the left hand side, select “Profile”. Here you can view your profile picture, your star rating, the number of tasks that you have completed so far, update your home address and update your bank account details.

Can I modify the number of hours of my task?

No, App does not have any option to modify the hours. While on the job, if you expect the task to run over the estimated time, you must inform the Poster and send request on “Tasker Support” for modification.

General FAQ

What is Task4Less?

Task4Less is a two-sided marketplace that connects Posters (people who need help), with Tasker (a network of pre-approved and background checked individuals), who have the time and skills needed to complete the listed task, it allows people to outsource small jobs and tasks to others in their neighborhood. Task4Less aims to help people take back their lives, be their own boss, help people out, and make some money.

How Task4Less Works:

  1. A Poster posts a job and get automatic system generated estimate.
  2. System select best Tasker based on rating, experience and availability.
  3. The job is completed by the Tasker and the payment.
  4. Processed through the app.

How do post the task?

The tasks are divided into two group Instant search and quotation. Instant search will have rates defined by the system and you will be able to get estimated hours and rates immediately. However, for quotation, tasker will submit their rate after review the task, schedule time and location. Most of the tasks are based on instant search, however, few tasks are Quotation based. Please note that minimum time to book the task is 4 hours before the schedule time.

A task can book through Task4Less app, or on the web. We will collect a few personal details (like your name and phone number and email address), your address (so a Service Provider is able to find your home), and your payment information (we do not deal in cash). After that, will send a confirmation email, and if you haven't already, you can download the app to access location tracking and more! Payment will be deducted from your credit card after completion of task.

Where is Task4Less available?

Task4Less is currently available at:

Ontario - Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Scarborough and Hamilton.

What is Instant Search?

Most of categories are based on Instant search, wherein you can get Task Rate, Hours required and total cost for the task within two (2) minutes.

What is Quotation option?

Some categories are based on Quotation By using App or website, Posters are able get different quotes for the same task from different taskers who are registered in the specific category. Poster has an option to choose one of the tasker according to their task rate, availability, reviews and rating.

How do I contact Task4Less?

You can reach our Customer Relations Team by submitting a request below or email us at

Do I need to be home

Your presence in the house at the schedule time will always be an ideal situation and we always recommend you to make your availability at that time. However, due to any reason, if you or any other family member are not available then we need your permission to allow tasker to enter into your premises (inside or outside).

When you make a booking, you'll be prompted to give your professional entry instructions. If you have a doorman, lock-box or a place where you hide a key.

In any case, please don't forget about your bookings. We'll remind you with an email, a text message, and a push notification, but if your tasker can't get in the door by following your entry instructions, or if you aren't home when you said you would be, you'll be charged the full cost of the booking.

How do I open account with Task4less?

Either before selecting any specific task as your 1st booking, you can create your account with Task4less or firstly select your desired task, get your estimated cost and then create your account at the end of the procedure.

Alternatively, if you sign up using Facebook, twitter or Google that will also create an account.

Ready to make a booking? Download the App or Book on the Web.

Cleaning Services

Task4less is serving both residential and commercial customers, our cleaning services offer the best in care for any space. Our cleaning shine brighter than any other, and if your space requires an added touch, all you need to do ask. Our cleaning specialist are well trained and equipped with all supplies and materials.

Task4Less has wide range of cleaning services and their prices are categorize as follow:

Home Cleaning

Task4Less has four home cleaning options. Also, it is consists of recurring options.

  • Weekly $24/hr
  • Biweekly $25/hr
  • Monthly $26/hr
  • One time $25/hr

Snow Removal

Whether you want recurring snow removal service every time it snows, or just need occasional help, Task4Less has a plan that works for you. With clear pricing, quality assurance, and no fixed term contract, you can leave your chilly chores to Task4Less. A few simple clicks, and you can get your snow removal in hours.

Task4Less has 3 Snow removal options:

Monthly Plan: It includes Flat-rate recurring service with every snowfalls over 1cm.

Snow-Watch Plan: It includes per-visit recurring service when snowfalls over 1cm. No charge if there is no snow.

On-demand Service: One time service when you want to order.

Snow Removal charges are as follows:

Car Space on Driveway

Monthly Plan

Snow-Watch Plan

On-demand service

Based on driveway that fit 1 or 2 cars space




3 Cars space




4 Cars space




5 Cars space




6 Cars space




Handyman Services

Task4Less offer a wide range of handyman services including plumbing, electrical work, furniture assembly, interior and exterior painting, Installation and repair of home appliances, carpentry, renovations, flooring, and many more.

All handyman services are priced at $57/hr.

What are services included in Handyman?

Handyman category is split into four sections (Electrical, Plumbing, Painting, and Carpentry). Tasker will bring all of the required tools needed for the task. However, for any fixtures (pipe, lights, faucets etc.) or supplies like paint or wood, it will be up to you to provide them.


Home Appliance Installation Replace and Repair


Bathroom and Ceiling

General Electric

Heating and Cooling HVAC



Bathroom and Toilet

General Plumbing

Carpentry and Others

Furniture Assembly

Garage Door Repair

Door Knobs and Locks

TV Mounting

Hang Frame

Curtains and Blinds


Dry Wall and Framing

Is Tasker equipped with supplies?

Yes, your Tasker will come equipped with all the tools necessary to complete your task. We recommend that you communicate as much detail about your task during booking and answer any questions that the Tasker has prior to arrival.

Does a Handyman Tasker provide materials?

No, you are expected to supply all the related materials needed for the task (e.g. replacement items, silicone, bolts, paint, etc.). The Tasker will be equipped with the tools necessary to complete your task.

How Rating works for Handyman?

Rating is very important part of our system, as it help us to serve you better. It reflects satisfaction and trust between you and the tasker. It bounds taskers to every time perform above expectations. The benchmark for the tasker at task4less is to minimum maintain 4.50/5.0 rating.

Lawn and Garden

Summer is short, why waste time doing chores. Task4Less has split Lawn and Garden services into three sections.

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Lawn Fertilizer

Ordering lawn mowing services made simple. Task4Less provides revolutionary lawn mowing service providers that provides affordable lawn mowing service at the click of a button.

We offer different plans as per your needs:

  • One time Service (upon your request)
  • Bi-Weekly Service (4 months x 2 visits per month = total 8 visits)
  • Monthly Service (4 months x 1 visits per month = total 4 visits)

Why am I choosing Task4less for Lawn maintenance?

  • Schedule one time or recurring service at your convenience
  • Simple ordering process
  • Quality service from a friendly, background-check lawn care professional
  • Lowest rates
  • Full satisfaction guarantees with every job

Note: All lawn maintenance services are charging as per Sqf. (exact prices can get by using system rate matrix).

Does a Lawn mower provide materials?

The only purpose of lawn mower is to cut your grass. He will not use any chemical, soil etc. during the task nor can you ask him to use any of your material.

Beauty and Personal care

Task4Less provides professional hairstylists and makeup artists straight to your door. Tap the app to book a personal beauty team and get pampered on-demand in the comfort of your home, office, hotel, or any other location. The go-to mobile hair and makeup provider for everyone from working professionals, students, and busy mothers to brides, jet setters, and celebrities.

Health and Beauty category is split into three sections:

  • Blow out and Make-up
  • Manicure and Pedicure
  • Hair Cut and Blow Dry

All health and beauty services are priced at $60/hr.


At Task4Less, we believe that high-quality photos shouldnt be high-cost. We match you with one of our pre-vetted professional photographers so all you will have to do is pick a time, day and place. Our photographer will travel to your location with all the necessary equipment including cameras and lighting gear. After the shoot is done, simply view and download your photos.

What kinds of photos can I have taken?

This includes baby-shower, birthday, engagement, event, family, fashion, food, graduation, maternity, media, party, pet, product, profile, real estate, travel, sport, wedding, etc. If you have something specific you'd like to discuss please don't hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to cater to your requirements.

Who owns the copyright?

You own full copyright for the images you have purchased from your gallery, or all the images if you have purchased an all-inclusive shoot. This means you can use, reproduce and publish your photos however you like, including for commercial purposes.

How many photos do I get?

The number of photos you get varies depending on which package you choose. We have low-fee shoots which come with a limited number of photos (additional high resolution photos cost $10 each) as well as all-inclusive shoots which come with all photos included.

When will I get my photos?

You will receive an email with a link to your personal online gallery within 3 days after the shoot.

Other Services

Services included in this category are based on quotation.Through the app, people can request services and receive an immediate quote for their task. Through the separate Taskers app, workers can view the jobs available in their area and select the ones that they are qualified for.

All Projects and Other services prices are different.

Insurance and Safety

How Task4Less insurance works?

The safety of you, your home, and our Taskers are of upmost priority for Task4Less. Rest assured: all tasks (in all categories) are covered by $2 million CAD of insurance.

If something happens while the job is being completed (this very rarely happens), please click the submit request button below and our customer relations team will help you out.

What is included in the insurance?

Task4Less insurance provides eligible coverage in the event of property damage or bodily injury. This insurance extends many tasks performed by Taskers. However, there are certain exceptions such as baby-sitting or caregiver, for which no coverage is provided.

Read more about our insurance in our .

Is the Tasker trained?

Every Tasker goes through a strict vetting process before they can get access to our platform. We screen each Tasker that they have had previous related work experience to ensure that a trusted and safe marketplace for both Posters and Taskers.

Is the Tasker trustworthy?

All of our Taskers go through a rigorous on-boarding and back-ground screening process.

Every Tasker must have a minimum of one year experience in the category that they apply for. After they apply, they are interviewed to make sure they are a good fit for the platform and for the categories that they have signed up for. They also have to complete on-boarding materials that train them on how to efficiently use the app, and describes our Code of Conduct.

All Taskers are required to provide government-issued ID and complete a background check before they are allowed to pick up tasks.

Rating is very important part of our system, as it help us to serve you better. It reflects satisfaction and trust between you and the tasker. It bounds taskers to every time perform above expectations. The benchmark for the tasker at task4less is to minimum maintain 4.50/5.0 rating.

After a Tasker has completed a task, the Poster is encouraged to rate them out of 5 stars. This rating is public and can be viewed by the Poster once a Tasker has picked up their job. If a Tasker's rating falls below 3.80 stars, they are suspended from the platform.


How to view booking details

You can access your booking details under the Home section in the app. By selecting Home from the tab at the top, you can view all of your upcoming and Past tasks. Clicking on a task will take you to the Task Details page where you can reschedule or cancel your booking.

I want more than 1 Tasker for my Task

Our platform only allows each task to be individually assigned to one Tasker. If you require multiple Taskers, please book multiple tasks at the same date, time and location.

Contacting your Tasker

Once a Tasker has been assigned to your task, you will be able to view your Tasker name and have the option to text or call them.

Select the relevant task from the My Tasks section in the app. On the task details page, scroll down until you can see the call and text button. You can call/text your Tasker at any point to discuss the scope of the task or ask any questions that you have for them.

How to reschedule the task?

If you need to reschedule your booking, you can do this through the app.

  1. Select My Tasks from the menu
  2. Tap the task that you would like to reschedule
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Task Details page and tap Reschedule
  4. Select Reschedule and change the date and time and click Next
  5. Your task is now rescheduled!

To avoid any charges, please reschedule at least 24 hours before the task is due to begin. This is so the Tasker assigned has enough time to amend his schedule to accommodate you.

For rescheduling a task, if you do so before 24 hours of the task start time, there is no fee.

If you reschedule the task within 24 hours of the start time, there is a $15 fee for a single booking.

Issues with my booking

I can't download the Poster app

Task4Less app is currently only available in the Canadian Apple App Store and Google Play. Minimum system requirements are Android version: 4.2.2 and iOS version: 10.1. We do not support Blackberry or Windows at this time.

There was a problem with my Credit Card

Double check to make sure that you entered the correct account details and/or you may want to check with your payment provide to confirm that your account is active. You can also try to enter another payment method. If the problem still persists, please submit a ticket below and specify what payment type you were attempting to use.

General booking issues

Are you having issues with your booking?

Please check the following:

  1. Payment details: It may be possible that the inputted credit/debit card details are incorrect. Please double check.
  2. Account login: Your account username or password may be incorrect. Try a different combination. If you are still unable to access the booking area, select forgot password You will be sent a reset code.
  3. Time slot: Select a different time slot and try again.

If you are still having problems, not to worry! Please click the Customer support button below and our team will reach out to amend the issue.


How to pay

Its so simple! We run on a completely cashless system so you don't have to worry about a thing. Enter your payment details through credit card when requesting a task, and click submit.

Every time that you post a task, we will pre-authorize your payment method, however, you will not be charged until the task has been marked as complete.


You can view your task receipts when you sign in to your account through the app. Please note that a copy will also be e-mailed to you upon Task completion.

You can also view a less detailed version through the app. Choose My Tasks from the menu, select the Past tab at the top and select your task. Here you can view your total price (minus the bank fee) charged, and the task summary.

Credits and Coupons

How to use coupon codes

Do you have Task4less coupons? When you go to make a booking, there is a prompt to enter a promo code. Enter this code and apply, you will be saving money. We send out coupon codes in the emails to users. These codes have an expiry time and a limit on the number of times the coupon can be used. Note that you cant apply code after making the booking.

Need Help?

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